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The Show

Inspired by funny women who have blazed the trails before them, WORK IN PROGRESS, is a female driven, lighthearted, comedic web series with a diverse cast that delves into the hearts and lives of four complex characters. The late 30's is often the time where women are “supposed to have it all figured out” and as these women prove, it's not always that easy.  Four friends in different stages: marriage, divorce, pregnancy, and career building, help each other through the challenges faced in these entangled times, all while exploring life in Los Angeles through their relationships and jobs, building a budding firm as stylists in tinsel town.

An incredible cast of veteran actors and directors have come together to introduce a celebration of friendship, fashion, and phases of life, in this relatable, mockumentary style comedy. Poking fun at everything from parenthood to pop culture this series embraces the truth and comfort in the continual growth and submission to being a WORK IN PROGRESS.

From the creator of "Hannah and Zion"

(yeah, ok they're her kids which technically she did create)

and the Executive Producers of, "Two Happy Marriages"

(it takes work people)